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Program History

The Memorial HS girls lacrosse progarm was started in the spring of 1995 by Coach Scott Elmore with 40 players: 20 seniors, 15, jrs, and 5 freshmen on one team (there was no JV lacrosse then). While they lost every game, they played hard and had fun, and more importantly, hooked a coach for life on the girls game. Back then there were only six teams in the state, and all were in Houston: Bellaire, Lamar, and Memorial, and then the private schools Episcopal, Kinkaid, and St. Johns, which ruled the roost due to their varsity status and school support. We played each team twice on a home and home basis.

The second year ('96) the number of players stayed the same, and then grew to 70+ in the third and fourth years, when the team was split into varsity and JV by grade level (all upper classmen and really strong fish/sophs were on varsity, everyone else on JV). However, the win/loss record remained the same (i.e. program had no wins in the first four years), as majority of the girls in the program were not into lacrosse for anything but social reasons, and that was a detriment to the few girls that did care and were frustrated with those that didn't try hard or show any commitment to be better. In essence, it had become a social club despite the best efforts of coach and a few dedicated players.

After that fourth year (1997-98) of futility, it was obvious what needed to be done to turn the program around, and changes were made that eventually reverbated throughout the city and state at the turn of the century: we began treating girls lacrosse like a virtual varsity athletic program.  Fall offseason workouts began, which helped the more dedicated players grow even stronger and catch the lacrosse bug. Lo and behold, MHS girls lax went from not having won a game ever to coming in 2nd place in the first ever Halloween Shootout in the fall of 1998, with a squad of 15 diehards, including a future state final game MVP that was an unknown freshman that year. 


Varsity Playoff History

  • 1999 Area Quarterfinals
  • 2000 Area Quarterfinals
  • 2001 Area Quarterfinals
  • 2002 State Champs!
  • 2003 Regional Finalists
  • 2004 State Quarterfinalists
  • 2005 Regional Finalists
  • 2006 Regional Finalists
  • 2007 Regional Finalists
  • 2008 State Semi-finalists!
  • 2009 Regional Finalists
  • 2010 Regional Finalists
  • 2011 Area Quarterfinals
  • 2012 Area Quarterfinals