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Memorial Girls Lacrosse Club took to College Station this weekend to compete in the AggieLand Tournament hosted by the Texas A&M Women's Lacrosse Club. With both JV and Varsity teams in the line-up, Memorial was set to play 3 games at each level. 
Starting with JV for an 8am game start, the girls clenched a 9-2 victory over Ursuline out of Dallas. Next JV field appearance came at 11am that was abruptly interrupted during a 4-0 lead against Vandergrift by a monsoon rain storm lasting 2 hours. When the storm was over, Vandergrift was no where to be found, possibly fearful of the loss Memorial was going to place next to their name, they forfeit, leaving Memorial with another victory and a 2-0-0 record in the tournament. So far, the JV team had outplayed all competition with speed, aggressiveness and great lacrosse. 
Immediately following the second JV game, varsity took the field for their first game of the tournament against CyFair, a fellow Houston Division 1 competitor. Having already faced CyFair at the Burning Flower tournament in the fall, varsity knew what needed to be executed in order to take the W. Unfortunately the outcome was not in favor of Memorial, but the girls did succeed at scoring on the one of the best goalies in Texas Girls Lacrosse history and shutting her down in the midfield causing her to throw the ball away. The girls used their strength, relentless aggression and lacrosse IQ throughout the game. 
With the rain causing for a new tournament schedule, Memorial was set to take the field at 5:50. As the girls start to prepare for a warm up at 5:10, we are contacted by the referee saying that we were to play at that very moment and the main office had wrong communication with coaches. Meanwhile we have girls in crocks and furry slippers. Being the savvy team we are, we took the field with grace and a wonky starting line-up while others got their gear on. When the team was settled into the game, we had unfortunately fallen slightly behind our competition, Allen. Keeping the score gap the same, we finished the game with two goals only being answered once. Even though the girls entered the game cold, they kept their heads up and played hard until the last second even going into a high pressure defense. Saturdays games commenced and we returned to the hotel for a day breakdown and Sunday preparation talk. 
Time for Day 2. JV began the day with a 10am game versus Frisco Fury. Maintaining a lead the entire game, the last 3 minutes contained 2 goals by the Fury to bring them into a 3-2 lead. Unable to answer, the JV team was knocked out of the championship due to a head to head loss. What a tournament for the Memorial JV squad. They showed up to play all weekend with positive attitudes and in tune lacrosse skills. Having only 5 goals scored against them the entire tournament, it was hard to accept they were unable to keep going. 
A few hours later, varsity took to their warm-up for a 1:20 start game vs Cedar Park. Having an amazing warm-up, the varsity squad had a beautiful first half. All parts were in motion, working together,  creating unparalleled lacrosse and unmatched determination. Come the second half, our thin lineup was beginning to get thinner and the 3 game exhaustion was kicking in. With a series of unfortunate calls and tired mistakes, Cedar Park was able to tally on 4 goals making the score 3-6. With one last push, Memorial placed another number on the board finishing the game at 4-6. 
While this weekend didn't have the exact outcome the club would have liked, the coaching staff saw a new team this weekend. This Memorial team wants to win, wants to grow and wants to be the best lacrosse players in school history. Congratulations to the Memorial Girls Lacrosse Club on a great weekend at College Station and stay tuned for their season success stories!